Laser Cutting 2 in 1

HSG: G3015E Cutting Metal Sheet and Tube

เครื่องตัดไฟเบอร์เลเซอร์ตัดแผ่น+ตัดท่อ G3015E

Sheet and Tube fiber laser cutting machine

Upper and lower exchangeable table, shorten the standby time, the drawer-type material collecting device allows more convenient collection, effectively improve the efficiency of more than 50%. Equipped with an interchangeable table, the G3015E fiber laser cutting machine can process both metal sheets and tubes.

Machine Body
Equipped with a high-low exchange platform, this laser cutting machine operates more efficiency due to the short exchange period of only 15 seconds.

The metal bed on this cutter has undergone a heat treatment of 600°C and is cooled inside the furnace afterwards for 24 hours. After it has cooled, it is processed using a plano milling machine and welded using carbon dioxide. This gives the cutter its strength and service life of 20 years.

Automatic Drift Correction Function

The convenience of operation: automatic drift correction function, automatic tube center finding function, very smart, convenient and practical.

”Double-W” Rotation

“Double-W” rotation cutting 6-meter-long pipes is no longer limited to the slenderness ratio of 60:1.

Human-computer Interaction Interface
Usada especialmente para corte de tubos cuadrados, tubos redondos, tubos rectangulares, tubos en forma de D, tubos hexagonales, etc.

Controller, new human-computer interaction interface, cutting simulation CAM software for real-time tracking display..

Upgraded model 22EQ
Laser source power optional: 1000-4000W

Processing area optional: 3000X1500mm,4000X2000mm,6000X2000mm

Tubes cutting range: square tube □20*20 - □150*150mm, round tube Φ20-Φ210mm

Upgraded model 35Q
Laser source power optional: 1000-6000W

Processing area optional: 3000X1500mm,4000X2000mm,6000X2000mm

Tubes cutting range: square tube □20*20 - □230*230mm, round tube Φ20-Φ325mm

Processing area
3000X1500mm( optional )
Laser power
Max. moving speed
Max. acc. speed
Positioning accuracy
Reposition accuracy
Whole machine weight
Machine dimensions





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